State of CaliforniaHealth and Human Services Agency Department of Health Care Services TOBY DOUGLAS Director EDMUND G. BROWN JR. Governor January 30, 2015 TO: ALL COUNTY WELFARE DIRECTORS Letter No.
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Medicare is a federal insurance program that is paid for out of Social Security retirement benefits so any person over the age of 65 or anyone who is dis fully disabled is eligible for Medicare which has Part A and Part B and whether you have pre-existing conditions or not you're eligible for that if you are receiving Social Security retirement and over age 65 or you are 100% disabled and have been disabled for two years or more and then you're eligible for Medicare it is something though that does not pay a hundred percent of your medical bills it doesn't cover everything and there are co-pays that's why most people have to have a Medicare supplement to go with it médicale is a program an entitlement program that we have funded with our state and federal income taxes that pay for the insurance needs usually for those who are impoverished but it is also a wonderful program that will pay for people who are experiencing catastrophic illnesses and aging age related situations as well médicale covers many different things it covers medical expenses as well as long-term care expenses associated with nursing homes so in our situation we would only want to talk about how medical could help someone when they're faced with the expenses of extended care that are associated with aging or age-related illnesses such as going into a nursing home the 30 months look back as far as medical the State of California's Medicaid program means that at the date of applying for medical the state has the right and the authority to ask a person what they've done with their money or their assets from the date of application back to the previous 30 months and the reason why they're doing that is because they want to see if you spent your money or gave your money away that would create a period of ineligibility so we're very aware of how to make sure that we're not creating any kind of period of ineligibility even though we may be moving assets around within the California California and federal guidelines well spend-down is a term that's used in medical speak to reduce a person's assets in order to satisfy the resource allowance for the medical eligibility and to be able to meet that program's specific resource allowance for a married couple or a single person and be able to receive the medical benefit without creating a period of ineligibility so there are many different ways to do that within the medical guidelines médicale payback or medical recovery is a term that is used for paying back medical or the state any money that they've spent on someone for their care so unfortunately even though we have contributed our state and federal taxes to fund the medical program when we get or qualify for medical we're not being given that money it's actually just being loaned to us so that we have to pay it back so that at the date of death if a person has enjoyed the medical benefit in their lifetime from age 55 and over the medical is going to ask for that money back depending on...